JabberDog – broadcast voicemail

Insidesales.com, my dialer of choice, began offering a new service called JabberDog. The service allows you to send broadcast voice mail. You can send the same voice mail to as many people as are on your list.

You record your message, for example, a webinar invitation. The system dials the number and begins playing when the phone is answered either by a person or their voice mail box.

If the call ends up at the operator, a receptionist or call center, it won’t work. It can’t distinguish who answers. It assumes the person answering is the target contact. As a result, if you are B2B calling, you will only be able to call direct dial numbers. Not a deal breaker for me.

The message gives the person receiving the call three options at the end. The person listening to the voice mail message can be transferred to a live agent, request an email be send, or ask to be removed from the list.

With a good list, most of the contact I make as a result of a round of calling is voice mail. This could automate most of that. Cool. JabberDog could automate and speed most of my event pre and post contact stuff. Cool.

Cold broadcast B2B email is pretty much dead from a response rate standpoint. Cold broadcast B2B voice mail is new. It may take a year or so before response rates drop to the point of being a waste of time.

Hummm…cool. I think I’ll give it a try.


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  1. Vic Wilson Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this program. I never heard of it before but from your post it seems like I should pick it up sometime soon. Thanks again and congratulations on your site/blog/books etc… 🙂

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