Dr. Evil speaks

As a long-time user and huge fan of Jigsaw I was excited to read this article. I was surprised to find out that Jim is such a wise CEO, far above average.

Guy Kawasaki interviews Dr. Evil, aka Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw.com.

His comments about how all employees will be the ultimate beneficiaries of Jigsaw, are interesting. Not just sales people and or business owners. His observation is that having so much employee information available will mean recruiters can find and place more people more often. This tilts the balance of power from employers to employees. Interesting and plausible.

I was also impressed by his comments about how Jigsaw will reduce the number of “innocents” who have their time wasted by us sales people who are trying to find the “right” person.

“Many critics don’t understand how the process of selling actually works. Sales people spend a huge amount of their time just looking for the right people to contact. Surveys of our 100K+ members show that the average time spent doing this is 33%! Sales people must call and crawl all over a target organization and waste the time of many ‘innocent bystanders’ who are not the right people. This process sucks for everyone involved.” (Jim Fowler as interviewed by Guy Kawasaki)

The interview also reveals the history of the nickname.

A good read.


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