How to “own” the Fortune 500

If you sell a technology product into the Fortune 500 you are in luck today. You are in luck because I’m going to tell you about ITS Profiles. ITS Profiles is a company that has twenty full time researchers who find out everything you need to know to get your foot well into the door of any Fortune 500 IT department.

We’re talking complete organization charts, 100% direct dial phone numbers and extensions and 100% direct email addresses. For example, a large bank in Ohio that has been profiled by ITS includes 188 IT contacts and is 28 pages long.

The power of the organization chart is big. You can instantly zero in on the key people and departments you are targeting. For example, you could target the Information Security department and launch a coordinated direct mail, email and telephone campaign. You have the power to “touch” all relevant people (not including the business unit) quickly and in a powerful way.

The ITS Profilers update every record a whopping six times per year. The only data I have ever come across that is as accurate is Jigsaw and they don’t offer organization charts.


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  1. Liana Ahrens Says:

    I agree with you. We have been using ITS Profiles for over a year now and are extremely pleased with the results. The ITS Profiles service has allowed us to penetrate the Fortune 500 and substantially increase our market share. We have used other services and have yet to find one with the depth and accuracy provided by ITS Profiles. I would recommend that anyone who is trying to break into the Fortune 500 use ITS Profiles (, and beware of the imitators!

  2. Bill Says:

    I disagree. I have found that ITS Profiles only really provides ORG Charts and there information on the IT Landscape is so-so. If you are looking for extremely in depth reports, i would recommend using CRUSH Reports. They provide hundreds of contacts, ORG Charts and at glance bullets of Fortune 1000 IT landscape. Saved my reps a lot of time. (

  3. Terry McAdams Says:

    I agree with you and Lisa. My unit at IBM has been a customer of ITS Profiles for several years now. Their In-Depth Profiles have allowed us to see what the customer wants and create a strategy that meets their needs. In addition to this, the org charts provided by them let us know who we should be talking to and allowed us to get around the gate keepers. Bill-we got a sample from corporate crush, or whatever they call themselves now, and found that they had some good information, but it was of little value to us and our sales strategy. However, I’m sure its a good low budget fit for some sales organizations.

  4. itmarketingman Says:

    ITS Profiles has been very good for us as well. As the CMO for Oracle I have found that there is no company in this field that even comes close to what they can do. We have been able to generate huge interest in our products and many leads to turn over to sales. Bill, perhaps you did not have any luck with ITS Profiles because the Fortune 500 were just not that interested in your product. I highly recomend ITS Profiles to anyone who is looking to break into the Fortune 500.

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