How to write an effective B2B cold calling script

“This is Fred Smith.”

Oh no, he actually answered his telephone. What am I going to do now. Panic sets in.

“Uh…Hi Mr. Smith…this is Bill Jones from Acme Software…uh, how are you today?”

“I’m in a meeting now, call me back some other time…click.” That’s it, your done.

Executives are busy. They don’t want to talk to you and they certainly don’t want a “relationship” with you. They don’t have a second to spare for anyone or anything that does not add value to them now.

If you think they are going to let you ask them any questions, then you are obviously new to this game.

When they answer the phone, they want to know who you are, where you’re from and what you what. If you can’t communicate that, effectively, in less than ten seconds, you’re done.

There is only one good way to approach a cold call. With a script that gives the person answering the phone the information they want, instantly. Doing so buys you a few more precious seconds without them hanging up on you.

Step one: “Hi Mr. Jones, this is Fred Smith from Acme Software.”

Step two: I’m calling so see if you would like a free copy of our latest document titled, “How to solve an important problem you are having now”.

Step three: Shut up. Don’t say a word. Wait until they say something, anything.

They will either say “no thanks” and hang up or there will be a pause as they think about it. After the brief pause, they will say “yes”.

You then ask them for their email address and let them know when to expect the document. Done. Fast, easy and painless for all parties concerned.

The key is the quality of your offer of information. If you offer product sales information you will get a zero response rate. If you offer interesting, value added, new information about how to solve a relevant problem, you’ll get a response rate of 3 to 8%.

Write your script, don’t wing it. Read the script on your calls, word for word. Make an offer of information and quickly move on to your next call.

Now you are positioned to make a warm follow-up call in three business days – and begin a dialog from a position of strength because you have begun the relationship by delivering value first. You’ve earned the right to begin a dialog.


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