Book review: Rivers of Revenue

This is a great book. Jam-packed with real and helpful information. If you have anything to do with B2B enterprise technology sales and or marketing, you’ll love this book.

The first nugget I got from this book was a convincing case that the only way to build and run a company is to take counsel primarily from customers. This involves interviewing customers. It’s hard work, it’s inconvenient and it may be tricky from a political standpoint.

The author, Kristin Zhivago, says that even though it may be hard, it’s the only way to keep from going astray. She accurately points out how companies begin making “bonehead” decisions that lead to the river of revenue drying up and what to do about it.

The next concept I found very helpful was that of categorizing products by the amount of scrutiny prospects apply during the buying process. I sell a “heavy scrutiny” product and was pleased to see the laundry list of information needed to support this kind of a sale. Most companies don’t have enough of the information she lists as mandatory.

This book is going on my “read every year” bookshelf. It’s that good. Read it.


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