“Holy smoke Batman…Nomea changes everything”

Those of you who know me, know that I’m always on the prowl for the latest tools, techniques and or process tips. Anything that makes sales, inside or otherwise, better faster quicker.

In finding prospects who are interested in what we have to sell now, leverage is very helpful. For example, about a year ago I began using a dialer. Using a dialer tripled my productivity. Before the dialer I could make about 100 calls per day. When I’m on my dialer I can make 300 per day. That’s a big deal.

Another lower tech approach to dial leverage is what the old boiler rooms used to do. They would fill a room with manual dialers who would dial lists as fast as they could. When they got someone on the line, they would manually transfer to a “closer” who was sitting in the middle of the room. This was mostly B2C conman stuff. This would never work for reputable B2B for a million reasons. Anyway.

So here comes this smart company that has found a way to use cheap labor to do cold calling for U.S. based companies. This is certainly not new. There are lots of cold call outsource companies that have call centers in places like India and the Philippines. The rub is that the callers are not native English speakers.

If you are IBM or Microsoft then you can get away with having non native English speakers calling U.S. based executives. If you are not a mega brand, then forget it.

Okay, so what are these guys offering? Their program is that they buy outbound capacity from call centers in India and have the agents dial your target list. When they get the target executive on the phone they transfer to your sales person. The transfer is done so fast the target is not aware it even occurred. This is perfect. A lower cost, non native English speaker does all the work necessary to get the target on the phone, but does not speak to him.

Instead, the call is transfered to a higher cost native English speaker who knows the target’s space and the product being sold. This could be an inside or field sales person.

The Nomea contracted agents, a cluster of them, all dial the list during a two hour window of time. During this two hour period, the sales person receiving the calls, or transfers, stands ready to take the transfers. If the sales person is busy, it rolls over to a backup sales person, so no calls are missed.

So a group of about six agents all make as many calls as they can in a two hour period. When they reach a target, they transfer to the sales person in the U.S. Nomea guarantees five transfers per hour. That’s five target prospect conversations per hour for two hours. This level of productivity far outstrips what any single U.S. based sales person can do, with or without a dialer.

As long as the service is not too expensive it should be a winner. Even if it’s pricey now, it won’t be in a year. The model appears easily duplicable so all the big outsourcers will be on to it soon.

This is a big deal. This is the future of high volume cold calling.

Even though their website is next to useless, it does have a good PDF that uses pictures to describe the process. Go take a look.


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