Know, like and trust…do not pass go, do not collect $200

In his most excellent book, Give to Get Marketing, Joe Garcia talks about the concept of know, like and trust.

Joe says that no sale of any kind will result until the prospect knows, likes and trusts you and your company. Truer words were never spoken. Know like and trust takes time and content. It also requires a nurture program.

If you think about it, a sales cycle really is nothing more than the time and actions necessary for a prospect to get to know, like and trust you and your company.

Joe states, “if you were at a party and a stranger came up to you and asked you to marry them, you would say ‘no’, no matter how suitable they may appear to be.” Very true. No one is going to make an important decision like that without knowing, liking and trusting the other person.

And yet, as sales people we seem to often think we can skip the know, like and trust phase. We meet someone and five minutes later, we are parroting some version of, “wannabuymyproduct, wannabuymyproduct…etc…blah. Okay, I exaggerate; but not by much.

Prospects and customers don’t care about our revenue goals, dreams and time-lines. They are not going to budge until we pass know, like and trust with them.

And that’s the beauty and power of a sales lead pipeline. A sales lead pipeline is just like a sales pipeline except that it only contains early stage leads and not “revenue grade” deals close to closing.

A sales lead pipeline is your primary governor. If it’s big, you’ll close lots of deals and make your numbers. If you sales lead pipeline is small…well, you know that story.

Take the time and spend the money necessary to FIRST build a big sales lead pipeline and then begin adding revenue sales people as you pass know, like and trust with significant numbers of then properly qualified leads.


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