Zoominfo.com is a search engine for people and companies. As a sales person, it looks like it might be helpful in finding contact information.

I’m testing it using the free service. They offer an upgrade at $50 per month. The appeal is that the information is presented in a clean and organized manner.

Zoominfo basically collects and organizes information found on the Internet (Web). I’m curious to try the upgraded service as it promises some direct dial phone numbers and some email addresses.

The upgraded service also promises deeper sources of information on the Internet. I’m not sure what that means but It sounds exciting.

Another nice feature is that it automatically creates lists of other people at the same company. For example, if you tell it to find information about Mitsu Fisher, it will find me and list other people who also work at the same company. This can be very helpful when trying to break into an account.

I’m going to continue testing.


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