Kristin Zhivago – smartest technology marketing person…ever!

I’m typically reading three for four books at the same time. I can’t get enough non-fiction technology sales and marketing information.

Most of it is junk, especially the sales stuff. I only recently came across Kristin Zhivago. I wish I would have found her years ago. When I found her Website I just could not stop reading. I then ordered and read her book. Amazing.

I’ve been in technology sales and marketing for over twenty years. I’m here to tell you that I am completely blown away by her complete command of the issues.

Kristin writes so clearly about issues, problems and mistakes that I have lived through several times. It’s more than clear that she understands our issues better than we do.

Do your career and favor and read everything she has ever written.


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  1. Kristin Zhivago Says:

    Hi, Mitsu! Thanks for this…just ran across it. New book coming out next year…(assuming I can get it done between client work!)… “Roadmap to Revenue: How to sell the way your customers want to buy.” Hope 2007 is awesome for you.
    –Kristin Z

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