CRM systems are useless for lead generation…

Most technology companies have a CRM (customer relationship management) system in place. It is often one of the first things to get implemented.

As a result, it gets used as a bucket to put any kind of prospect and or customer information into. Trade show leads, partnership deal leads, individual sales rep contacts, purchased names, response-inquiry names, to mention a few.

Before they know it, these companies have ten thousand names in the bucket, of which the vast majority are useless. It’s actually worse then that. They are less than useless because they make it much harder to find and focus on worthwhile leads.

Having to navigate hundreds or thousands of, untargeted, obsolete and useless old trade show leads is more of a challenge than a lot of sales people are up for. Not everyone has a database administrator at their disposal. The most common scenario is that the sales person is left to his/her own devices to “data mine” the wheat from the chaff.

I offer no great solutions here, only a rant.


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