The definition of a sales lead and behavior-based qualification

We talk all the time about sale leads. But what do we mean? What is a sales lead? What is the definition of a sales lead?

Here’s one I found on Wikipedia:

“A sales lead is the identity of a person or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service, and represents the first stage of a sales process.”

You can read the entire description here.

My summation would be, “finding people who may want to buy your product.” I would further narrow it to, “finding people who may want to buy your product, may well need or want it and can afford it.”

I like to do what I call list qualification. List qualification is when you prepare a cold calling list that only includes contacts you would not mind selling to. In other words, anyone on the list is desirable as a prospect and or customer. If you only create and use lists like this, then anytime you get a “hit” while cold calling it’s great news.

As opposed to using what I call “dirty lists.” A dirty list is one in which your target market is a subset. In other words, this list contains names that may not be of interest to you. This could be company names or titles that are not part of your target zone.

Some sales people like to call people and basically ask if they are leads or prospects (…do you have budget?, project?, etc…blah), after cozying up via relationship-building chat. There is a much better way to kickoff the process.

All you have to do is cold call, reach someone on your list and read a sub-thirteen (13) second duration offer of information script. If the information is of interest and the offer not too cumbersome, you will get a response rate of between a half and five percent (sometimes more).

When they say “yes” to your offer of information, you ask them for their email address and send it to them.

I call this behavior-based because they must 1) listen to your short pitch without hanging up or cutting you off and 2) give you their email address. These behaviors, together, qualify them as leads.

This technique, coupled with a dialer will allow you to find more leads in a morning, than most will find in several days.

This technique is based on this amazing book.

To learn about how to write a script that will work look here.

Oh, bye the way. This technique is the most fun you will ever have cold calling. The executives you reach appreciate the brevity and clarity of a good offer-based script, regardless of how they respond. Those who say “yes” to your offer of information are excited about getting the information because it is of interest to them. You are happy because people are nice to you and that makes things much easier.


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