Did they read it…a nice addition to cold calling

Now this looks really interesting. It’s a service that will tell you when someone reads an email you sent them.

This could be valuable because I cold call to get prospects by offering and having accepted, offers of information. The information is fulfilled by email.

After a call I email the prospect a note recapping the call and providing the information in an attachment. In this email, I begin the process of handing the lead off to the applicable regional sales representative.

I do this by including the regional sales representative’s contact information in the email and asking the prospect to contact them, not me, with any questions they may have.

When I send the email I copy the regional sales representative. I also schedule a followup call for the regional sales representative in our CRM.

Didtheyreadit.com would let me tag these emails so that I would get an email back when and if the email is read or forwarded by the prospect.

The process is invisible to the prospect. When I get a “hit” on one of these, I then quickly contact the applicable regional sales representative and let them know so they can follow-up stat, while the iron is hot.

It appears cheap and easy to use, my kind of tool.


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