Poor salesmanship stinks…idExec

I telephoned a company called idExec because I was interested in their product (prospect names). Upon reaching the sales department I asked the guy if he is the right person to answer my questions on the product. He asked me where I was calling from and then said that he is the right person.

At that point, I ask how much the product costs. This caught him off guard and he stumbled. He quickly regained his composure and then said, “well, who are you.” I hung up on him. What a jerk. I ask a direct question and he thinks he’s going to play sales tiddly-winks with me? He was attempting to play the “I’m going to get more information than I give sales strategy.”

It’s jerks and old school tactics like this that give sales people a bad name. This guy’s product sells for between $5k and $45k and he blew the sale within the first thirty seconds. Their marketing department spent millions to get me to call. What a waste.

All he had to do was shut up, answer my questions and let me buy the product instead of trying to “sell” it to me. Trying to hide the price and play power or negotiation games with me only wastes my time and pisses me off. What this guy doesn’t get is that he has almost no power to control my buying process. I’m going to get the information I need and make my decision. He can either help or hinder that process. He has no power to steer it. The only exception being if he was super-helpful and super-nice. Complete flunk on both counts.

In addition to bad sales people, this company has problems with its sales process. They spammed me with a ‘bait and switch’ email. It offered a free trial. I filled out the form but instead of giving me the trial, they gave me a screen that said that someone would get back to me. So they got my information and I got nothing. Several days passed and no one called me back. I ended up calling them back. My mistake.


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