I need a better data management plan…a rant

My number one frustration these days is that my lists and names are all over the place. I download a purchased list and put it into the dialer. I then upload the list into the CRM. I now have the list in two places.

The CRM only has value to me in that it’s how I pass on follow-up items to the sales reps. I can’t dial out of it because I don’t do manual dialing.

My mental picture is to have one data set in one place that can be maintained and updated with reasonable ease. Instead, I’m always importing, exporting, deleting, putting names on the DNC list and changing status codes – it feels like a mess.

Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet and designate a system of record, my one and only bucket. Data management is a huge issue. Huge portions of lists go stale every month.

I realize that as Inside Sales Manager, I spend a lot of time working list data. I buy and test lists. I move list data from one system to another. I have to merge/purge, de dupe, edit, cut and delete records and fields. Even with all of this activity, I still feel that I don’t have a good grip on my data.

Basically we get a list and call it. We get some results and when we get to the end of the list, we call another one. We bounce from list to list. Maybe that’s okay, it just feels unorganized and wasteful.

My latest theory is that everyone is in the same boat and that one core cause is the fact that you can still be successful with messy data. Dialers are so powerful, you can easily afford to dial a huge number of dead names on every campaign and still get enough yes responses to get where you want to go. Also, the cost of list names is low.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.


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