Product review: Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a great list source. Jigsaw has middle management names. This is unique in my experience. It’s easy to buy C-level names but not so easy to buy middle management names. If you are calling on Fortune grade companies, you need middle management names.

Jigsaw is unique in that the database is built and managed by the people who use it. Sales people and others basically trade contact names via the Jigsaw database service.

You can buy your way in at first and for a low price. However, you will soon need to add names to Jigsaw in order to be able to get new names out. The easiest way to do this is to go to your marketing department and get recent trade show names. Use these names to build up your Jigsaw credits.

You will also need to spend time researching names and building lists with Jigsaw. It takes time to load names and time to determine what names you want to purchase. Don’t worry, the time is well spent.

Jigsaw is also unique in that it has has email addresses. Email addresses aren’t of much use to me while I’m doing initial contact cold call prospecting, but others find them helpful.

Bottom line: If you are not using Jigsaw, you should be.

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