Book review: Prospecting Your Way To Sales Success

This book is the bible of cold call prospecting. The original version came out in about 1986. It is as useful now as it was then, perhaps more so.

Perhaps the most important information is this book is about the relationship between dial count and results. The author points out that the relationship is not linear, it is logarithmic. That means that if you double the number of calls you make you don’t get twice the results, instead you get perhaps three times.

Once you understand the relationship between the number of calls and results, you can see the importance of making as many calls as possible. The more you make the further up the curve you get, the better the results get.

The book also has good information on not wasting every one’s time by trying to implement that brain-dead old school stuff. He says when they say “no” you say “thankyouverymuchgoodbye” and get off the phone as quickly as possible so you can get on to your next dial.

The author also offers some good tips for making sure you keep your dial productivity high (for manual dialers only). Also some good ideas on how to status code and file prospects for maximum efficiency.

This book is so good, I re-read it once per year. Most highly recommended! More information here.


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