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A dialer is the single most important tool you need to be successful. Manual dialing is a labor intensive and unpleasant way to go. Only a dialer gives you the leverage you need to reach enough target prospects to make things fun and profitable.

I am currently using one called It’s actually a CRM and a dialer. I don’t need or use the CRM, other than as a place to put the numbers I want the dialer to call. is a Web-based power (not predictive) dialer. What I like about it is that it’s affordable and since it’s Web based, I can use it from any browser. As compared to manual dialing, it’s a huge upgrade. Using it you can get into the hundreds of calls per day productivity range. A cold caller’s dream.

I only have one gripe about My gripe is that it’s not reliable enough to depend on. It periodically gets so slow that it becomes unusable (i.e. manual dialing is faster). Sometimes is takes hours to recover, sometimes days. The hit to my productivity is huge.

My recommendation is if you are a manual dialer now, the upgrade is worth the financial and learning curve time cost. The support is excellent, I just wish I did not have to call them as often.

My personal opinion is that they are targeting the wrong market. They are selling the CRM but customers are buying the dialer. CRMs are a dime a dozen. Affordable dialers are not.

You can take a closer look here.


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  1. David Elkington Says:

    This is great feedback. We are making changes in the direction you described. We also have a new version of our dialer that you might be interested. Additionally, we have a VOIP (the Agent leg) version in beta now making the usage cheaper.

    David Elkington

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