Initial contact prospecting…the only way to cold call

If you are going to survive on the phones long enough to make a difference, you need to enjoy the work. The key to enjoying the work is to achieve results. At least it is for me.

If I find ten or fifteen new qualified leads per day, I’m having fun. I’m having fun because whenever they say “yes” to my offer of information, that’s a win, that’s a mini sale in my book. Also, the field sales reps “go ape” over getting so many good leads.

Initial contact prospecting is when you only focus on reaching target prospects by telephone and have a real dialog that results in them raising their hand and saying, “I’m interested.”

At this point, you’re done. You fulfill the information offered and hand it off to the applicable field sale rep for follow-up.

One of the great benefits of working this way is that you can cover a lot more ground. By not working the sales cycle further up stream, you free up tons of time that you can invest in more initial call prospecting. The more cold calls you make, the faster you fill up the sales pipeline.

All you need to try this approach is a dialer, a script that works, and some information (white paper, information pack, whatever you want to call it) that is of interest and value to the prospect.

You also need the most important element. That of course is a good list. A good list is one that contains contact information for a least hundreds of target market prospects. The best lists include middle management, not just C-level. The best I’ve ever seen is Jigsaw.

If you focus on initial contact prospecting and leave the follow-up and project level qualification to the field sales reps you will triple your results and everyone will be happy.


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