If you’re not already using a dialer, you’re crazy!

The cost has come down to the point that they are now feasible for even small businesses and start ups.The bottom line is that without a dialer you can make 80 calls a day, maybe. With a dialer, 200 per day is realistic.

Perhaps more importantly, the dialer makes the sheer “grunt work” of cold calling or any kind of high volume calling, tolerable. Manual dialing is the most “mind numbing” work imaginable. That’s why no one wants to do the it and those who do, burn out quickly.

I use a dialer called Insidesales.com. As compared to manual dialing Insidesales.com is great. However, I may need something that is more reliable. Insidesales.com slows down to the point of being useless, too frequently for my taste. I need a rock-solid dialer that works perfectly every time I use it, whenever I use it. I’m going to take a close look at the Make My Calls dialer.

Whatever dialer you choose, the best way to determine it’s performance is to measure the time between “goodbye” and “hello.” My Insidesales.com dialer is currently averaging 14.6 seconds from “goodbye” to “hello.” Less is more here.


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